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Ariel’s baby shoot!


Ariel. Precious. Beautiful. At only 7 weeks old and she already has so much character. Elizabeth, Ariel’s mother, give me the honour of taking Ariel’s first photography session accompanied with her husband and her mother in their home. Before the session, Ariel was just fed so she was extremely co-operative and slept for the most part of the shoot.  She is extremely blessed and lucky to have such loving parents and a grandma that spoils her unconditionally!! Her grandmother hand knitted some “Hello Kitty” and “Snoopy” stuffed animals! It was amazing!! Ah to be a baby again and have all those stuffed animals around your room! We had lots of fun surrounding her with them, and we were even able to use some lucky Dragonball Z balls to surround young Ariel for good luck!! This was my first baby photography shoot and I have to say this may be my favourite subject to photograph! It really challenged my abilities to not only capture the innocence of a baby, but also the preciousness, dependance on others, and character that the baby has!







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Ana’s first born pregnancy shoot…and my first pregnancy photo shoot!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Ana, who is expecting her first newborn son in 2 weeks!! She was glowing with excitement on the anticipation of her first born son!! Her smile kept growing throughout our session, and her natural photogenic abilities really showed itself! Ana was extremely pleasant, kind, and easy going and she really made this photo shoot fun and easy as she was willing to do everything and anything because this was all about her!! This was my very first pregnancy shoot, so I had to keep my nerves in check and not let it affect my creativeness or style at all. We walked to a nearby park near her house around 6:30pm as the sun was starting to set. The golden glow the sun was emitting on the hill was absolutely stunning and I wanted to take advantage of this amazing light before it was too late!! We were able to incorporate some props into this session (ultrasound pictures, a hat for her newborn son, blanket, toys, etc), and it just added to the authenticity of everything!












Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity Ana!! You looked amazing and I wish you and your husband all the best with your first born son!!

My next post will be of my first baby shoot with Ariel!! Very exciting!!

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