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Kensington Market photo shoot with Darryl

This was by far one of my best photo shoots to date where everything just came together perfectly. I had an amazing opportunity to do head shots for actor Darryl Dougherty! He found my work online through a National Geographic contest I had entered 6 months ago and he was impressed with the picture I submitted so he thought he would have me do some head shots for him. After looking at some reference material he sent me, and researching different kinds of compositions it was time to meet in Kensington Market with his girlfriend Melissa for a really fun photo session. The two of them are so much fun to work with and we all got along instantly and came up with original ideas to implement into the photo session…the results really speak for themselves. We had some situations that needed us to think on our feet, but it was all part of the experience! Melissa and Darryl, you guys are an amazing couple to work with and I had so much fun working with you! I learned so much small tips and tricks here and there from the both of you that I will use in my future sessions, thank you! Who knew Tyra Banks could have so much practical information that really makes the pictures pop…props Melissa on getting Darryl to “BAM”! Thank you very much Darryl for giving me this opportunity and being so co-operative and easy going with me throughout the entire shoot. We will have to go for some beers and samosas sometime soon.  I really hope we can work together in the future and I hope you enjoy these pictures. Cheers.

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Preview of Raymond + Michelle Wedding (Casa Victoria Fine Dining and Banquet Hall, Markham)

We had the privilege to shoot Raymond and Michelle’s Korean/Chinese wedding reception at Casa Victoria in Richmond Hill. We took thousands of photos we still need to sort through so this is just a quick preview of the pre-reception pictures with Michelle’s family and Raymond. We had such a blast with Raymond and Michelle and this is a couple we could totally see ourselves hanging out with! More to come!!


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Monique Headshots!

I met Monique and we had an awesome time during our shoot in High Park. She wanted some head shots for her new clinic. Monique is a naturopathic doctor that is very down to earth, easy to get along with, and I know that her career will take her a long way. She is energetic, vibrant, and has a contagious smile. Even when the weather wasn’t being as cooperative as we hoped, she took out the umbrella and we rolled with it. I wish all photo subjects were as awesome as Monique!! I wish you all the best with your future endeavours!

 See how these head shots look on her website:

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A Tibetan touch

I had the privilege of doing a family photo shoot for Deckyi and her amazing family! Young Loudan was a bundle of joy that couldn’t stop smiling, laughing and having a great time throughout our time together! Deckyi’s family is extremely photogenic and made it easy for me to photograph all of them! They had such great energy to bring to the photo shoot, I really had a lot of fun being their photographer! We had perfect weather without a cloud in the sky, and we took full advantage of Long Branch’s park! We started the photo session with the entire family dressed in their traditional Tibetan clothes, which made for very dramatic and striking photos! They looked amazing!! After changing into formal wear we continued with the shoot around the park and realized young Loudan LOVES to be the centre of attention (like any kid would!), so we just tapped into his energy and let the photo shoot unfold with many smiles, laughter and happiness. Deckyi and her husband Tenzin were able to have some intimate photos together, and their love just poured out of them once they were in their own element…it was beautiful to capture. The grandparents also had some fun pictures with their grandson, and helped keep Loudan’s smiles going! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family. I hope you had as much fun as I did!













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Thida and AP’s Wedding!

There’s a saying that good friends are hard to come by. Thida and AP aren’t just good friends…they’re amazing friends!! I am extremely lucky to be able to be a part of their most important day of their lives! Without having any experience shooting any weddings, Thida and AP trusted my abilities completely and insisted that I be their wedding photographer! Without wanting to disappoint them, I did everything I could to prepare myself for the big day and replay everything in my head that I expect to shoot…probably about 100 times. After consulting with them about the kinds of pictures they were looking for, it was time to prepare and gear up and trust my abilities just like they did. The result? One of the best..if not the best wedding I’ve ever been to!! Thida and AP were just pouring out their love for each other that day, and it really made my job easy as they are both so photogenic and camera friendly! The entire wedding party was amazing and although the weather was a little cool for the bridesmaids, we did everything we could to keep everyone happy, energized, and most importantly…WARM! I used my Nikon D40 with a Tamron 10-24mm lens and 18-55mm lens for this photo shoot, and a Metz 50 AF-1 flash with diffuser. Honestly Thida and AP, thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to photograph your wedding. I’m lucky to have friends like you in my life!


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