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Behind the Lens


The Photographer

My name is Adam Kuczma and I have always been into the arts. As a kid I was always sketching or drawing some cartoon characters or super heros in my sketch book. In high school I got into painting and did a painting of Pope John Paul II that made it into a gallery (and is now hanging in my mom’s dining room). After university, I picked up photography with my travelling obsession. While in Europe, I felt an immediate connection with my camera and the pictures I produced from it left my family and friends talking about it and they encouraged me to pursue this. As time progressed, so did my travels and recognition. My fiance and family gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed to push my photography to the next level and open my business in 2011. I started attending various Arts and Crafts shows throughout Toronto, displayed my urban work at restaurants, gyms, and cafes, and was able to sell some canvas prints!!

Now my focus is on people. I love harnessing people’s energy when they are surrounded by the people they love. Their fiances, their babies, their children, and their families. Capturing the smile of a wife after her husband whispers “I love you” into her ear, or the giggling innocence of a young 3 week old baby in their “birthday suit”, or the embrace of a grandmother with her grandchild, is what transforms pictures into memories.

I want our sessions to be fun, energetic, creative, and relaxing. I want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera and act like yourself, because that’s when you look the best!

I hope you enjoy my portfolio and my work, and I really look forward to creating your next memory.

– Adam

Marketing and Editing 

Fiorella has been an integral part of the progression of my career. She is my wife and has supported me and has been there for me when I needed reassurance. Fiorella is a people person and has a smile that is very contagious. When you need someone to bring some energy to the room, you can count on Fiorella to turn up the energy and get everyone into a good mood! She is extremely creative and helps me compose beautiful images. Fiorella knows fashion, cosmetics, marketing, and simply just what looks good. She will turn something regular into something out of this world! Together, Fiorella and I make an amazing team that works very well together and we hope to work with you very soon!


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