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Yamama’s Fall Family Portrait in Markham

It’s photo sessions like this one that a photographer craves! Tons of props, cute kids, amazing fall colors to work with, different wardrobes, open attitudes, and very easy going personalities made this photo session very special. As soon as I saw Yamama unpack the squash and pumpkins from her bag, I knew this was going to be fun!! With a gorgeous fall day we utilized every single prop (including a blanket and bench) to the maximum. The children had beautiful smiles with their eyes twinkling with bewilderment of all the colors, leaves, pumpkins, corn, and open space they had. All the parents were so co-operative and fun to incorporate into the photos, they really made things enjoyable. I really have to thank the moms for jumping up and down and over me to get the kids to look my way and make them laugh even more. I wish I had more cameras set up just to capture that alone. Thank you everyone and I hope you enjoy your photos! 

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